Kielbasa Sausage Reiterated

We introduced a new sausage this year, kielbasa. It’s a German, Polish Czech kind of sausage, a perfect fit for this part of Texas, reflecting the migration of those European natives into New Braunfels, Weimar, Schulenburg, and Brenham. We started out with a South Texas addition to the recipe, jalapeno. Not this month but in July, you will find a different iteration of kielbasa – the addition of green onion. I look forward to trying that and it is what is so cool about kielbasa; it’s base recipe is receptive to all sorts of additions. So after jalas and green onion, what might come next. I’m thinking bell pepper or maybe even pimientos. We shall see. 

Kielbasa is here

Our first round of kielbasa sausage is here and in your cooler. 50/50 beef and pork, lightly smoked and cured without nitrates the “natural” way. Salt, pepper, garlic and jalapeno chips. I like it but want to cut back on the jalas next time we make it — a bit too hot for the average tongue unless you’re looking for a really zesty sausage. Let us know what you think.

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