Live and learn

Mixed results

If you were with us last fall, you will recall that we made a major investment in a no-till seed planter to be used to install winter pasture in the fall and supplement the summer grasses in the spring. Because it allowed us to plant all of our four winter seeds simultaneously, and eliminated the ground preparation necessary under our old system, it seemed like an investment that would pay for itself in saved labor and fuel.

To our dismay, it has not worked out. What we gained on the front end was lost at the back. That is, we saved the time we expected to save but our germination rate was so poor that we lost forage volume. And we can speculate on why that turned out poorly but don’t really know. Farming is a live, learn, or guess endeavor.

So off to the equipment auction it goes. The good news there is that farm implements of this sophistication tend to hold their value.