Monica Pope

Monica Speaks Out

Do you know Monica Pope? She is one of several celebrity chefs that Houstonians enjoy dining with ( T’afia, Beavers’) and was the first chef to bring our pork and beef into the restaurant scene, triggering the movement to “locally grown”. “Eat Where You Live,” as she says. Here are some quotes from her recent interview in Texas Live magazine.

“When I started my first restaurant in Houston 20 years ago, I had to make food taste like something else because it didn’t taste like what it was. Now, my relationships with local growers, ranchers and food producers are essential and at the core of everything I do.  Local food is more nutritious, more flavorful, and is better for the environment. Industrial food is not cheap. We are paying the price in the degradation of our environment, and we are paying the price with our health and well being. All of our health issues are directly related to what we eat and how we eat and how that food is produced, and it is out of control.”

Well said, Monica. You were really the first in Houston to put your money where our mouths should be. Visit her regularly at her blog.