Preservatives, Not.

It’s time for the semi-annual explanation of a number of issues, starting with how our foods are unadulterated despite required labeling that might lead to a different conclusion. The prime contradiction is found in our link sausage packaging which declares that our sausage contains preservatives - they don’t! So why the label?

The only label our Mom & Pop butcher shop has is for smoked sausage. Smoked sausage must have preservatives added. However, all of our sausage is “fresh” (uncooked) sausage, which does not require preservatives. Nonetheless, on goes the preservatives label because, they say, it “keeps the inspector happy”. Oh well. Take it from us, our sausage does not contain preservatives.
Weenies are a different story. They do contain preservatives, but the very minimum allowed by the regulations. We were allowed that because our weenies don’t travel long distances. Brenham to Houston is a lot shorter trip than Chicago to Houston.


We seemed to have a spike in broken seals lately which of course defeats the purpose of paying for vacuum-sealed meats, for us and for you. We are on this problem like ducks on a June bug. There are 3 points at which the packages might be handled too roughly and we are inspecting at each of those points. If we find broken seals, they are corrected immediately. Please let us know if you receive any broken seal packages.

About Preservatives

As you know, we recently changed butchers and we are both getting used to each other. One of the mistakes that we only discovered recently was that MSG was being included in our link sausages. While nothing particularly deleterious has been associated with an occasional measure of monosodium glutamate, we never include it in our sausages simply because we neither need it nor desire it. So the butcher has corrected that addition. However, the butcher’s standard label has it printed on all sausage labels so it will continue to appear as an ingredient. Trust me - it is not in our sausages despite what the label may say.