Yonder Way Farm

Osso Buco

We are now cutting our beef shanks (they come from the bottom of the muscled leg) and our oxtails into sections just right for making an Osso Bucco. If you happen to get a package, pull out your favorite recipe for OB and try it. Ditto when you see pork shanks, which are often labeled as “hocks”.

One last note for our in the kitchen section: We must give credit and attribution to the Kramers of Yonder Way Farm for the excellent free-range eggs that we supply. Somehow or another they have managed to maintain a mostly predator-free flock of hens that free-range on open pastures and retreat to their mobile henhouse at night, something we failed at. We are pleased to be able to partner with them to supply those of you who have always wanted these nutritious eggs from their happy hens. Thank you, Jason and Jenni. That does it for August except to remind that you make it happen for us and we will never take that for granted. We pledge every day to get better at making good food for Texans from a good and healthy environment that respects the earth’s creatures. That’s good for everybody.