Beer Brats & Summer Grilled Chicken

Slice desired quantity of onions and saute in butter. Add brats, cover with beer (we prefer a heavier beer, but any old beer will do). Boil for say 15 minutes, remove brats but keep beer warm. Throw on the grill until  a nice browning is accomplished. Return to beer until ready to serve, with or without beered onions.

For a nice addition, grill peppers too - sweet, mild or spicy. Cut into strips to be added to your brat dog po’ boy. While at it, you might as well grill the bun too and if you happen to spread the bun with a garlicky butter first, you’ll be sitting on top of the grilling world.  Cooking is fun and therapeutic, don’t you agree?

What about the big fat hen in your cooler. Do you have to cut it in pieces to grill it? No. In fact it's better to simply butterfly it with shears or scissors — cut along the spine then cut through the breastbone. Lay it flat on the grill and take it from there. When it is finished, it will be easy to pull off into pieces for the table. 


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